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Abraxa provides technological tools that help Port Аgents work faster, smarter and scale their business.

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One Platform,
Unlimited Possibilities.

With Abraxa you get a 360-degree view of your entire business- from automating everyday tasks to managing inquiries, tracking offers and servicing clients. Abraxa combines all the tools that your business needs to stay connected to clients, improve performance, and increase productivity. All of this in one secure workplace that scales together with your business.

Start Your Digital Transformation

PDA Offers
Speed wins the business. Prepare and send offers in seconds.
Make informed decisions with actionable data intelligence.
Real Time
Client Updates
Improve client engagement and satisfaction with relevant communication and updates.
Enhanced collaboration between teams and departments.
Design your own workflow and experience to meet your unique needs.

Reimagining Port Call Management

Every company is unique, but all companies want to find, win and service clients in an efficient and consistent manner. Abraxa allows you to define your custom process and provide employees guidance for each stage of the port call. Set up custom to-do lists to keep track of all planned and past activities. Never miss an update, never look for data and never forget a task. Abraxa gives agents a complete overview of all activities and provides new levels of collaboration for teams sitting in the same office or across the globe.

Focus on Your Clients

Your clients are the single most valuable asset of your organization. In today’s world, clients expect a whole new level of attention and service. To be competitive, you not only need a good service at a low price, but also to exceed expectations and deliver a great experience.

Abraxa gives you the tools to understand your clients’ needs and hand-craft their experience and interaction with your business.

Exceed Expectations

Know Your Clients
Gain a 360-degree view of you clients and all interactions with them.

Answer Requests in Minutes
Speed up your responses to inquiries by using our powerful quote calculator and your own custom templates.

Cater to Every Need
Customize the workflow and to-do’s by client and send quotes and documentation using the forms they request.

Live Updates
Schedule and automate periodic or event-based updates, announcements and reports or grant your clients live overview of all port call progress.

Automate Your

A large number of agency employees spend half their workday filling documents, confirming information and handling paperwork. Streamline your document workflows to save time, money and avoid costly mistakes. Our algorithms automatically detect and flag any discrepancies between critical data in documents.

PDA Offer
Automatically generate PDA offers based on predefined tariffs for ports or individual berths and data from each inquiry. Manage versions and track the status of all your offers.

Statement of Facts
Easily filled by your boarding agents using Abraxa mobile app. Shared real time with your clients.

Bill of Lading
Generate and share Bs/L from our template library or using your own custom template.

Focus on the Metrics
that Matter

Abraxa gives you a comprehensive look of your business and turns your complex data into timely and actionable insights. Track and measure key activities and metrics and relate them to overall business performance.

Summarize your data into interactive reports that help you and your team visualize and analyze the data that matters, follow and identify trends and gain insights. Build custom dashboards that track performance and increase accountability on business objectives.

One Platform,
Unlimited Integrations.

Evolve your existing infrastructure and processes by seamlessly combining Abraxa and third-party systems and data. With our powerful APIs you can manage, connect and automate business processes across your entire organization and ensure instant exchange of information between systems. This helps achieve much better data consistency and greatly increases team efficiency.

Built by Abraxa.
Designed by You.

Your business is unique and so should your software systems be. You need a solution that fits your business processes and needs in an intuitive and effective manner.

Abraxa has been specifically designed for customizations and flexibility to map your organizational structure, standart operating procedures, business processes and validation rules.

We can configure your Abraxa experience to fit your specific needs, customize business processes or even extend it with custom functionalities.

Keep your Data Save

Data security is top priority at Abraxa. We have invested a lot of resources to ensure that all user information is secure and private. We offer security on multiple levels like:

256-bit AES encryption
AWS hosted
Daily data backups
ISO 27001
GDPR compliance

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