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Our story

We got together to regain control of our businesses.

Today, we are committed to help port agents do the same by putting their operations in order and providing their best customer service.


We are Peter and Dimitar. Born in Varna, Bulgaria, we have been best friends for as long as we can remember. Our paths separated when one of us dedicated his life to the shipping industry and the other set off to understand how great businesses work.

From Southampton and Rotterdam, to New York and Istanbul, we travelled the globe to learn about running successful businesses. Years later, we reunited in Varna, only to find out that we had built great companies but it was harder and harder to keep them running smoothly.

We knew there had to be a better way to run a business and we set out to find it. We looked for solutions in all industries, only to find out that what we had was a very common problem for most of the maritime community. And we decided to solve it. That’s how Abraxa was born.

Running a business can be a messy thing.

You know how it is… Countless hours, tons of emails, scattered communication. No matter how much you work and how hard you try, you start dropping some balls. Things get lost, tasks get forgotten, and there’s nowhere to see who did what and what’s left to be done.

We created Abraxa to help port agencies put an end to chaos once and for all.

With our background in shipping, business optimization and technology, we set out to solve the most pressing matter for port agencies: how to organize all port call data and information in a simple and meaningful way for both agencies and clients.

We want to help port agencies run smoothly and grow their business while delivering world-class customer service.

Our team will help port agencies of any size grow their business & achieve impeccable customer service.

You can sign up for access to the free version of Abraxa without any strings attached.

Our team

With 30 years of maritime experience, combined with 50 years of technology and 15 years of business operations, no other team is better equipped to help port agencies work faster, smarter and service their clients better.

Our whole team is committed to help you succeed and is always at your service.

Peter Balchev


Dimitar Ivanov


Viktoriya Encheva

Customer Success Manager Maritime

Sonya Atanasova

System Administrator Technology

Georgi Vasilev

Tech Team Captain
Maritime Technology 

Marin Zaprianov

Software engineer
Maritime technology 

Jordan Todorov

UX / UI designer
Engineer &  Creative