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Abraxa announcement: Abraxa partners with VesselFinder

We are excited to announce our partnership with VesselFinder – a leading AIS service provider, that will bring new levels of efficiency to Abraxa users. Тhis partnership is a natural step in our effort to develop Abraxa as the central operating system for port agency and maritime professionals.

VesselFinder provides real-time data on the positions and movements of over 100,000 vessels every day, utilizing a large network of terrestrial AIS receivers and satellite data. VesselFinder has evolved into an international digital brand and become the premier source of vessel tracking solutions and news covering the world maritime industry.

Abraxa provides technological tools that help port agents work faster, smarter and scale their business. It replaces unconnected applications, spreadsheets, paper files and reports with a single, powerful operating system.

By including the live data feed and immediate vessel position updates, we give Abraxa users important productivity benefits such as:

  • Tracking vessels’ ETA in real time in order to plan resources and capacity more efficiently;
  • Receiving notifications when a vessel’s ETA changes;
  • Receiving automatic alerts for vessel’s transit points, entrance or departure off port limits;
  • Scheduling automatic client notifications to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Interested to learn more? Schedule your demo today to see how Abraxa can save you time, money and improve your customer service.