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How to create and share an FDA Statement

At Abraxa, we tend to view process inefficiencies as gold. They are opportunities to improve the work of our partners and improve the way they service their principals. We are constantly looking for tedious and error-prone processes and for ways to leverage technology to make them simpler, easier to perform and many times faster.

A good candidate for improvement was of course the preparation of the FDA statement. Our clients struggled as it took too long to prepare, required the coordination of multiple departments and had a high chance of mistakes due to the many items, third-party suppliers and vouchers.

We listened carefully and designed a process that not only saves time, but also significantly decreases the chance of human error.

Check for yourself:

Abraxa allows port agencies to be more efficient while at the same time providing a better and more consistent service to their principals.

Some of the key benefits of the Abraxa FDA process include:

1) Automatically booking third-party services rendered to the ship;

2) Dragging and dropping vouchers for each item and the system takes care of the rest;

3) Analyzing profit and cost centers per port call or over period of time;

4) Comparing and analyzing PDA vs FDA figures;

5) Synchronizing commercial and financial activities in order to stay on top of port call balances and payments;

6) Choosing your own custom FDA templates.

Share the processes that you struggle with the most and let us find a way to make them easier and more efficient. Get in touch with us today!