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How to Abraxa

How to create a PDA estimate. In seconds.

Every company uses Abraxa a little differently. But no matter their size and where their teams are located, all companies seek speed, accuracy and visibility. Especially when it comes to providing quotes for their services. 

PDA estimates and quote processes are time consuming, messy, and prone to costly errors. Abraxa lets you configure, price, approve and provide great looking proposals to your clients in seconds.

Check for yourself:

The Abraxa PDA brings automation to this tedious and error-prone process and allows your agents to get the pricing right on every offer. In seconds.

Let’s go over some of the clear benefits from automating your PDA estimate processes.

1. Speed

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of speed in business. When a client requests a proposal from you, chances are he has requested one from you competitors as well. If you are not fast, your competition probably will be.

With a built-in vessel database and comprehensive tariffs for your serviced ports, Abraxa allows you to create an estimate in seconds. Thus, you provide better service to your clients, and your employees can focus on tasks with higher added value. For the fast-paced environment that port agents operate in, speed is critical.

2. Accuracy

It is human to make mistakes. But it is definitely not professional. While we all agree that speed is important, most organizations don’t want to speed up this process if it means proving incorrect prices or unapproved discount levels. Review and approval process often become bottlenecks that additionally complicate and delay a messy and tedious process.

You no longer need to make a choice between speed and accuracy. Abraxa allows for error-free PDA estimates that take into account tariffs, vessel details, pricing and discount policies. Discount levels can be limited based on user role, hierarchy, client or the service offered. All quotes that need additional approval can be approved by management with the click of a button prior to being sent to a client. 

3. Visibility

A database of submitted PDA estimates can be fertile ground for analyzing your business. Especially when this data is combined with your CRM data. Abraxa PDA engine, combined with the powerful reporting capabilities, allows you to track win/loss ratios, win/loss by client, by employee and discount levels. Abraxa gives you a deeper view of all your business, including the business that you are losing. This helps you increase efficiency, turn data into insights and turn business prospects into clients.

Interested to learn more? Schedule your demo today to see how automating your PDA estimates can increase your win rate and bring new levels of productivity .